A Loose Bridge Requires Urgent Attention

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Here at All Stahr Dental PSC, we fitted you for your dental bridge with the intention that it would restore your decayed, damaged or missing tooth for a long time to come. However, complications from advanced periodontal disease can compromise the cement that is anchoring your bridge, causing the bridge to wiggle or feel loose.

If any part of your bridge comes loose, it could cause significant damage to the anchoring teeth. In this case, it would need urgent attention at All Stahr Dental PSC. In the interim, there are a few things to keep in mind to help minimize complications from a loose bridge.

It’s important that you don’t wiggle or play with the loose bridge with your tongue or finger. Even a small amount of movement has the potential to cause significant damage to the smile.

If a blow to the face or a hard fall has left blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse the area with saltwater. Do not attempt to clean any part of the bridge or an exposed abutment because it might cause additional damage. The highly trained dental professionals at All Stahr Dental PSC will handle any cleaning treatments that might be needed.

If any part of your bridge is loose or giving you trouble, you should not hesitate to call All Stahr Dental PSC at 859.278.9391 to set up an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Gregory Stahr. We look forward to fixing your dental bridge in Lexington, Kentucky!