The mouth is full of bacteria, so our dentists and team use autoclave sterilization to prevent the spread of harmful micro-organisms between patients. Dr. Gregory Stahr and Dr. Jeffrey Stahr use the heat and pressure of this device to create steam that cleans our dental tools and kills harmful bacteria. Call All Stahr Dental PSC if you want to learn more about the cleaning process of our autoclave sterilization in Lexington, Kentucky.

Our dentists and team follow strict protocols dictated by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to avoid the spread of infection in our office. These regulations ensure our patients remain healthy when they visit for dental services. On such regulation includes autoclave sterilization of our instruments.

An autoclave sterilization unit is a heat-pressured device that uses steam to kill the micro-organisms that collect on our tools during use. The autoclave uses water, cleaning agents, and heat to sterilize our tools at a certain temperature for a specific length of time.