Bad Breath Can Often Be Treated With Oral Hygiene

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Halitosis is commonly referred to as bad breath, and is an oral condition that can arise as a result of harmful bacteria emitting foul odors. If you struggle with bad breath and it’s affecting your self-esteem and relationships, our dentist and team are here to help. We can suggest additional effective oral hygiene habits to reduce and even eliminate your bad breath.

Dental habits you can perform at home to reduce your bad breath–not to mention your risk of tooth decay and gum disease–include brushing and flossing your teeth and then flushing your mouth with a mouthwash. Here are some of the benefits these practices offer:

– Reduces bad breath
– Reduces plaque buildup and decreases risk of gum disease and tooth decay when you brush twice a day
– Removes food particles that are stuck to the teeth or gums and need to be loosened with effective brushing techniques

– Removes food and particles from tight oral spaces, thereby preventing tooth decay and gum disease
– Improves oral health and reduces plaque buildup when you floss every day
– May be the only method to remove particles stuck between the teeth

– Reduces bad breath
– Washes away harmful bacteria and acids that contribute to tooth decay or gum disease
– Reduces plaque buildup

By practicing effective oral health care habits on a daily basis, you can better maintain the health of your teeth and gums and treat bad breath. We invite you to call All Stahr Dental PSC at 859.278.9391 today if you would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Gregory Stahr, and learn more about halitosis treatment in Lexington, Kentucky.