Do You Have Questions About Flossing? Here Are Your Answers

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Sometimes the flossing technique required in your oral hygiene routine can seem a bit complicated. This is often due to not quite knowing how to clean your smile or why you need to floss. If you have questions about flossing, it can result in an improper flossing routine, which won’t help your smile. So, to help you find the answers you need, our dentist, Dr. Gregory Stahr, and dental team would like to give you the answers to commonly asked questions about flossing in Lexington, Kentucky.

Why do I need to floss my teeth?

You need to floss your teeth because flossing removes plaque from the spaces between your chompers. Plaque is a dangerous substance that is white and sticky. It clings to the teeth and promotes cavities and gum disease. It’s important to remove it frequently.

How often should I floss my teeth?

It’s important to floss your teeth at least once a day. Many people choose to floss during their oral hygiene routine before bed at night.

How should I floss my teeth?

Pull about 18 inches of floss out of the container. Then, wrap most of it around your middle finger on each hand. When you’re ready, use your index fingers to slide the floss between the teeth. Next, use the floss to scrape the sides of each tooth and then to clean the gum line. Make sure you’re careful around the gums and you use a clean section of floss as you move from tooth to tooth.

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