What Oral Health Benefits Can Endodontics Provide?

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Within general dentistry their lies many branches that specialize in certain tasks pertaining to your oral health. One such branch is endodontics, which is a highly advanced form of dentistry that is primarily concerned with the roots and pulps of teeth.

Do you know what oral health benefits endodontics can provide are? Here are a few facts about endodontics:

– Each year in the United States, Endodontists save millions of teeth with endodontic procedures, including root canals.
– It is possible for teeth that have had a root canal service to last a lifetime.
– Not only are endodontists capable of executing root canal treatments, they can perform compound endodontic surgeries including ones to save damaged or broken teeth.
– By saving a tooth with a root canal therapy, it can make your tooth more functional for chewing foods, allow your smile to keep its natural look, and will keep your other teeth healthy and free of the perils that come with missing teeth.
– Endodontists require a further two years of advanced medical training beyond dental school.
– Endodontists are skilled enough to save broken or damaged teeth that otherwise would probably need to be extracted and replaced.

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